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Marshmallow is a new age digital diary that keeps a record of memories through a multi sensory platform, Today, many people are too focused on how society views them, the very surface and shallow images of themselves. Connection to our inner selves has been lost in the translation. Therefore, we can begin by asking ourselves what can we do to bring back all those good habits into our daily lives? 



Interface Design at Art Center College of Design
2014 sponsored by Dell


Focus Areas
Physical Computing, UX Design


Arduino, Processing, Solidworks, HTML, Javascript, Illustrator, After Effects

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memory collector_head

Memory collector collects your precious memories in different ways. This is essentially the diary; you speak to it through recording port, where now all our memories are going to be collected centralized into one area.

It has recording capability, photo capability and lastly there is a pen holder that remembers what you wrote so that could also be synced together.


Marshmallow ball stores special moments and sets a flavor to each day’s memories. Depending on what the story is, if it was the sad story I wrote then the ball will turn blue. It is essentially mimicking your emotion. This is essential where our memories are going to be stored.

Depending on different emotions state the color changes. So, basically you talk into that and the memores are extracted into this marshmallow ball.


The Jar securely stores your memories and gives life to your past memories. Now we bring all the marshmallow balls into this jar where it can be saved and stored. And the alternative function of this jar is that incase you want to find specific memory or types of memory, it is another way to find memories.

Lets just say we don’t have our app with us. Then what we can do is that if you want to specifically pick the marshmallow ball out of the jar that carries the memories of the specific, event, keyword or emotion, you can talk into the jar and say the keyword.

Group 19

An application was designed and linked to work with Marshmallow. A system for categorizing, organizing, and essentially storing and telling where and which memories are stored within the device. Users can search by emotion, time, location and date. This app eventually allows user to visually communicate what memory is actually in each marshmallow.

Facebook, twitter instagram tumbler are these things are still going to be here and they will be here but it is really marshmallow that is going to know who you really are its going to be your true friend. It’s going to be the Marshmallow that is going to keep yourreal identity. It is going to be the marshmallow that is going to be helping you to be yourself

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