PUZZLE is a computer with multidimensional screens for children to experience tactile feedback when interacting with the digital screen. PUZZLE utilizes a hinge system that detects angles between screens to bring physics back to the digital. Children can create dynamic contents by folding and rotating screens.


Marshmallow is a new age digital diary that keeps a record of memories through a multi sensory platform. Marshmallow integrates technology to conveniently keep recorded memories, helping people to keep track of their real identity.


Disney Explorer reimagines the experience at Disneyland to be more magical and pleasing with digital applications. Disney Explorer improves the experience by decreasing waiting time with digital fast pass system and providing helpful information including navigation, attractions and events information.


We believe that we are all caretakers of objects in our lives, and everyone has an emotional attachment to those objects. The extent of our emotional attachment and the story behind the objects determine the object’s value. Our valuation process defines this value and aids in the exchange of one treasured object for another.


Decrescendo is a project that looks critically at the social, cultural and technical issues on digital or online properties that belong to the deceased. Decrescendo imagines a service and digital space to preserve the user’s special memories and hands it to his loved ones once he has passed on.


Woodpecker sonifies your data into a piece of sound that tickles your ears instead of a pop up notification. The woodpecker investigates new types of objects and interactions that communicate trough sound.


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Disney Explorer

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Traveling Treasures

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